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DanzaÉ, a group of talented dancers with Down syndrome and other disabilities.

DanzaÉ is a dance project that was developed in Puerto Rico by dancer-choreographer Paulette Beauchamp, director of the DanzActiva School and Dance Company which she founded in 1998. DanzaÉ's performances include Puerto Rican Bomba and more recently modern dance. The group also represented Puerto Rico in an international Festival in Seville, Spain where they also conducted dance workshops in the prestigious Conservatory of Dance of Seville.

Paulette explains: "Besides our full curriculum that offers dance classes in ballet, flamenco, modern, and Puerto Rican dance for the "regular" community, we also have a special program, the first of its kind in Puerto Rico. Our Special Program while emphasizing individual expression and integration with the regular community, provides a space where persons with disabilities share in the creation of performances with professional artists that also serve as teachers during classes. We always choose our most respected and renowned musicians to accompany classes and performances. DanzaÉ is the name of a select group of touring performers chosen from our Special program".

Paulette who was chosen as one of 25 to watch by Dance Magazine in 2002 adds: "Parents also have made of our facilities a place where they share experiences and receive other services offered by visiting health specialists and even though we conceived the Special Program as first and foremost to be artistic project, we have witnessed an accelerated physical, emotional and social development of the program participants".

The groups participation in this years's Puerto Rican Day Parade in New York, was of course a major event that was televised throughout the United States, Puerto Rico and Latin America by the FOX network. Carlos Bedoya, DanzaÉ's and DanzActiva's musical director states: As DanzActiva Special Program approaches it's tenth anniversary of service to the community, DanzaÉ demonstrated to the millions of people that were watching this huge event, the many successes achieved by this ground breaking and uniquely Puerto Rican group of dancers.

DanzActiva is a non-profit (501-c3), dance company and school that will certify all received donations in order to be deducted from your Income Tax Returns. The list of people or businesses that send donations will be published (if you wish it) in www.danzactiva.com under the title of VISIONARY FRIENDS.

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