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Note: This production also won the the ACE Award and Choreographer/Dancer Paulette Beauchamp was selected as one of "25 to watch" by Dance Magazine.
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Damaris Ferrer, Paulette Beauchamp and Bhavani

Paulette Beauchamp's (producer, choreographer and dancer) Re-Encuentro de Pies, Faldas and Tambores, , will receive an HOLA* Award for outstanding musical production in New York City, 2003. * HOLA (Hispanic Organization of Latin Actors)

A the same ceremony, the screen and Tony-nominated actor Antonio Banderas, will receive the “HOLA Rita Moreno Award for Excellence” at its annual HOLA Awards. Previous recipients of this award have been actors Jimmy Smits, Benjamin Bratt and Priscilla López. Also María Celeste Arrarás Telemundo journalist, (from Puerto Rico)
will receive the “HOLA Ilka Award.

Re-Encuentro, comprised of and international cast of artists that interpret music and dance from India, Spain and Puerto Rico, rediscovers and celebrates influences and commonalities between cultures so apparently distant from one another.

This year the same show, directed by guitarist, composer and cuatro player Carlos Bedoya, also won the ACE Award (Asociación de Cronistas de Nueva York) for best musical production.

"On behalf of all of us that participated", says Carlos "I would like to express our gratitude to the The Institute of Puerto Rican Culture whose sponsorship made this production possible. We would also like to thank flamenco dancer Damaris Ferrer and Bhavani, Kathak dancer for their sincere and unconditional support throughout the proyect. Thank you to the musicians that contributed each in their own unique way to the show. Also many thanks to La Tea (Nelson Landrieu and Marta García) and finally Manuel Morán and Richard Marino (Society of the Educational Arts., New York)."
Carlos Bedoya

Re-Encuentro also projects the puerto rican woman that embraces all cultural expressions from her country, from classical ballet to folklore and popular forms. Paulette, ballet and modern
dance teacher tells us "Receiving this recognition motivates us to continue creating contemporary works rooted in our Island identity. We are also very pleased to see that audiences are responding to one of the messages of the show: beyond the cultural differences within Puerto Rico and the cultural differences between nations there are deep spiritual ties that we can and should focus on .
Left: Chayito, Luis Linares, Briana Austin.
Above Carlos Revollar. Thank You Carlos!
Left:Narendra Budakar (tabla player) with Paulette and Dr. Teresa Tíó, director of el Instituto de Cultura. . Above: Otoqui and Angel Reues, master Bomba musicians.
Left: Virtuoso percussionist Richie Flores Right: Deepak Kumar, classical Indian singer.
Cantaor flamenco: Alfonso Cid After the New York presentation Tony Rivera, singer for the legendary folkloric group Mapeye, joined Re-Encuentro's ensemble of artists along withModesto Nieves (cuatro) and Giberto Ortíz (guiro)
Manuel Alfaro, executive director of HOLA: “Latinos are in a wonderful place of forward momentum in the theatre world and we are proud to be highlighting just some of their many accomplishments at the HOLA AWARDS,” HOLA is a Hispanic arts service and advocacy organization that provides a variety of programs designed to serve Hispanic actors and the entertainment/communications industries

The Hispanic Organization of Latin Actors (HOLA) will presented the 4th Annual HOLA Awards ceremony celebrating the best in Latino Theatre on Monday, September 22, 2003 at 6:30pm at The Players on Gramercy Park South. www.HelloHola.org.